Smartphone Learning Opportunities to Promote Well-being in Young Employees

Smartphone Learning Opportunities to Promote Well-being in Young Employees

About the Be-Well Project

BeWell aims to to support young employees and vocational educators to address the rising mental health issues afflicting Europe’s young adults today.Promoting the health and well-being has been a primary concern of employers, but the demands on employers to safeguard the well-being of employees have been augmented since the switch to remote working caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Through delivering the Be-Well project, we aim to provide a range of micro-learning well-being resources to young employees and businesses to support work-based learning programmes and to promote workplace well-being among our business and vocational education and training networks.

Be-Well has been funded with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme. The project commenced in September 2022 and runs until August 2024.

Meet The Team

The Be-Well Project Team comprises seven organisations from Spain, Ireland, Cyprus, Portugal, Greece, Austria and Bulgaria, working together to achieve the project aims and delivered the expected results for young employees and vocational educators in our regions. Within the project team, there is a good balance between organisations and associations providing education and training to young employees and companies that have implemented successful projects in the field of vocational education, specifically addressing the topic of workplace well-being.

Learning Materials

To address the rise in well-being concerns afflicting young employees and business today, BeWell proposes the development of the following learning materials for young employees and vocational educators:

BE-WELL Interactive Micro-Learning Toolkit for Wellbeing Promotion

To support young employees to safeguard their well-being, Be-Well partners will also develop a range of smartphone-based micro-learning resources, that can be used to present self-help resources and learning content to employees directly in their workplaces, or through online channels if they are working remotely. This will be designed as a Well-being Planner and presented as a 28-day calendar. In each window of the calendar, for each day in the 28-day challenge, we will provide a QR Code with a link to one micro-learning resource. The 28-day calendar will comprise 28 individual stand-alone learning resources. These 28 micro-learning resources will include a combination of quizzes, digital breakouts, short articles or blogs on the Be-Well MOOC, animations or short video lectures, reflections, or self-assessment activities. This planner will be accompanied by a handbook containing a 1–2-page self-help activity for each of the 28-micro-learning resources, addressed to supporting young employees to reflect on what they have learned through this micro-learning activity, and to apply it to their daily lives and routines to help them to manage their well-being. This handbook can also be used by vocational education professionals to apply the micro-learning activities contained in the well-being planner in a facilitated learning session, and by HR professionals who have a role in coaching young employees to manage their well-being. Through these training interventions, we believe that we can help to address the mental ill health and well-being issues that are impacting the work and lives of young employees across Europe today.

BE-WELL Continuous Professional Development Training for Vocational Education Providers

To support VET educators so that they can aid the building of resilience and the promotion of positive mental health and well-being among young employees and VET learners through developing bespoke continuous professional development (CPD) training programme for VET trainers. Through this train-the-trainer style programme, our aim is to engage VET educators in upskilling opportunities so that they can develop micro-learning resources to address emerging labour market needs. In addition, a library of 35 Open Educational Resources (OERs; 5 national OERs per partner) will be presented through the MOOC platform to support HR managers in local companies to understand and address the well-being needs of young employees in the post-pandemic economy.


To provide access to all of the learning materials developed, Be-Well will also develop an online learning platform – called a MOOC. This MOOC will be promoted by all members of the project team as a one-stop-shop for employees, employers, coaches, mentors, and VET trainers to gain access to our well-being resources.

BE-WELL Policy and Practice Recommendations Report

To make a case for practitioners and policymakers working to address employee well-being and workplace health-and-safety to integrate the Be-Well resources into workbased well-being programmes, BeWell partners will also develop a Policy and Practice Recommendations Report.


On this page, you will find copies of our project brochures and newsletters. We will add to this page and keep it regularly updated throughout the project.

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